Dog-poisoning case leads to SWAT standoff -

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brLAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) - A Las Cruces man who was charged with extreme animal cruelty in the deaths of 5 a target=_blank href=’’beagles/a later kept a SWAT team at bay during a seven-hour standoff at his home. Mark Burbano, 47, was charged Friday with five counts of extreme a target=_blank rel=nofollow href=’′contunues /abrbrPHOENIX (AP) An Arizona animal-rescue group is helping treat dozens of a target=_blank href=’’beagles/a from a large Missouri a target=_blank href=’’puppy/a mill. Colorado-based Mill Dog Rescue Network made a deal with the a target=_blank href=’’puppy/a mill owner to take 100 dogs. If they hadn t been rescued a target=_blank rel=nofollow href=’′contunues /abrbrPit bulls are dogs that are not perfect for everyone, they need alot of work and attention. Today too many irresponsible and criminal owners have taken a breed that is affectionatly called The Nanny Dog and made the stereotype into vicious killers a target=_blank rel=nofollow href=’′contunues /abrbrLAS CRUCES - A Las Cruces man whose dogs were allegedly poisoned last week said Monday he does not know why his dogs, described as family, were killed. Steven Prescott, still shaken about his dogs deaths, sat at his kitchen table Monday and spoke of a target=_blank rel=nofollow href=’’contunues /abrbrLisa Dobriskey (Ashford AC) won the Continental Airlines Fifth Avenue Mile in New York with a thrilling victory to deny Shannon Rowberry a home win in the famous Big Apple road race. Dobriskey, who finished fourth in the Olympics, won in 4:18.6 a target=_blank rel=nofollow href=’’contunues /abr

Peddling Puppies - WUSA

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Peddling Puppies - WUSA

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